Restyling of the Melchioni logo

Melchioni reinvents itself

Melchioni is changing, renewing and transforming itself.

2019 will go down as the year of change for Melchioni Group: Mario Melchioni as its new president, the launch of Melchioni Ready, a new management structure...

In this period of feverish activity, Melchioni is also overhauling its image, with a top-to-toe logo restyle, to convey, also in visual terms, a desire for renewal and a future-oriented gaze.

The aim was to create a single graphic identity for all Melchioni companies/divisions.

The restyling features a modern, incisive and flexible style which exudes international flair, while continuing to embrace the historic value of the logo. 
The Melchioni text is now clearer and more readable, the modernised graphic symbol is highly distinctive both in terms of shape and colour. 

"Now our challenge is to strike a balance between the past and the future, between 70 years of Melchioni history and targets to be achieved. In order to give strength to this idea and consolidate the foundations of our work, we have decided to renew our "brand identity", by reinventing and modernising our logo. We have been looking to the future for seventy years and we will continue to do so". Mario Melchioni – President.